Frist Republic Seeds MR. Fusion fem 10pk

Frist Republic Seeds

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 Frist Republic Seeds

MR. Fusion

vermont strawberry fields x Stompper Purps

9-10 weeks 

Sativa Dom Hybrid


It is a 100% indica strain that originated in needs  around 7 weeks flowering time. Breed for the taste and smell of strawberries, and to be able to finish before the first snow fall in Vermont. High yielder. from what I understand, the strain was given it's name because the breeder grew it for many years in with his strawberry plants, and claimed that the original scent of strawberries was intensified because of the way he grew the plants together. nevertheless, if his theories were correct or not, the worked plants in his field had developed a scent and smell that matched his freshest strawberries to a tee.


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