Omuerta Genetix Ztarfighter reg m/f 12pack

Omuerta Genetix

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Omuerta Genetix

Ztarfighter F3

Ztarfighter x ztarfighter

(Zkittles x the cube)

reg m/f 12pack


8-9 weeks of flower time

Ztarfighter F3 has an incredible Indica structure and definitely leans hard to that side. Plants are medium sized bushes with lots of side branching and vigorous growth. This strain responds well to pruning and scrogging and will fill out in dense short wide spears. Some purpleing can occur late in flower with some phenotypes. Ztarfighter F3 has a light taste and a light smell. Like Vanilla on the inhale; thick and creamy with notes of caramel. She doesnt exude any gassy stench, sweet flowery or rotten fruit taste like our other cultivars either. She smells of basic Kush but she packs a mighty suckerpunch to the head The flowers are coated in crystal with enlarged resin glands from the Cube side, which really shines through in the F3. The Zkittlez mother was hit with pollen from The Cube. She is a 60-65 day Skittles with a side of kush flavored robust and vigorous kush hybrid and the father is a stout, 55-60 day finishing heavily resinous and iced out beefcake of a specimen. This cross should result in hybrid vigor, as well as shortening her flowering time while applying his resin/frost content and adding a complex creamy cherry rootbeer and fresh wood profile to the mix! Expected to yield well also, as both parents are solid producers!

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