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Grimm brothers  Grimm Glue

Gluey x Pineapple Cinderella 99

50/50 Sativa Indica

The plants produced supremely potent weed with a sparkling, giggly high. And the Cedarwood aromas wafting up from an open jar of Grimm Glue were absolutely intoxicating. Inhale and these sublime, woody tones dominate the flavor; your lungs expanding with tingling sensations. Upon exhaling, you taste classic Chemdog/Skunk from the Glue heritage.   A Kush Mints “off the chart” potency, and absolutely stunning bag appeal. we decided to pair her up with the C99 which has proven to pass on genes for heavy yield and fruity terpenes And great Resin production, potency, profile, of Kush Mints are all very well-matched to the same qualities in C99, such as the greater flower to leaf ratio of C99 –Brothers Grimm Seeds.

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1grm pre roll and 1/2 gram pre roll