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Slippery Susan 

tina x Greese Monkey

56-63 days

6pack indica dom


Slippery Susan marijuana seeds hail from a legacy lineage of two high THC cannabis strains — the award-winning indica-dominant Tina and skunky hybrid Grease Monkey, another Exotic Genetix in house genetics legend.  

Tina, crossbred from Constantine and Triple OG, earned its title of “Best Indica Flower” by High Times in 2017 and lends its acrid jet fuel aroma and mind-stimulating buzz to Slippery Susan. Grease Monkey balances out the mental effects with its heavy body high and sweet earthy flavour. 

Slippery Susan Strain Terpene Profile

While the terpene profile for this Tina x Grease Monkey prodigy is still being developed/under analysis, we can use information from the parent strains to make an educated guess on that as well as the flavours and aroma offered.

We can estimate that Slippery Susan packs a pungent punch, combining the acrid jet fuel aroma of Tina with the earthy diesel undercurrents of Grease Monkey that will knock you off your feet. Amidst the dank earthy flavour, you’ll also detect a subtlety of spicy chocolate fueled by a rich coffee exhale.

It’s reasonable to guess that high levels of myrcene and caryophyllene are responsible for this strain’s strong herbal and peppery notes that comprise its pungent yet rich flavour profile.

Slippery Susan Strain Effects

Hold onto Slippery Susan tight as you slide into a mentally titillating yet deep muscle penetrating high that massages your body and soul into euphoria. You may even experience some tingling down your spine as you exhale, an inherited trait from the mother strain, Tina.

Slippery Susan offers the best of both sativa and indica worlds, allowing you to expand your mind and imagination while you remain glued to your couch or bed in optimal comfort. As time goes on, you’ll find yourself slipping into a tranquil and dreamy slumber. 

How to Grow Slippery Susan Strain

Slipper Susan seeds can become a slippery slope for novice cultivators looking to try their hand at this fairly difficult to grow strain. If you’re up for the challenge though, you can expect a very high yield of potent buds with this top-shelf quality strain. 

This hybrid strain from the Exotic Genetix seed co is available as regular seeds or feminized seeds in our seed bank and boasts a modest flowering time of 8.5 weeks. It can be grown both indoors, where the plant needs a flowering time of 8.5 weeks, and also in an outdoors environment. 

Growers will be captivated by the dense olive green nugs with deep purple hues, fiery orange hairs and a white sticky coating of crystal trichomes.

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